Friday, July 01, 2005

Qpids: Episode 6.5

The JARLA LABSTEAM at the Friday episode of the 2nd HeartBreak Night -- still safe!

Loveteam #4


CF's Note: They did their part by doing a great job in the romantic comedy acting loventure. So let's do our part by voting for them once more!

Let's not become over-confident. Please keep voting for them and help keep the JarLa Labsteam out of the Danger Zone!

Click here for Voting Instructions.


Jacee said...

awww...ang cute ng pic na ito...i love it..

Parehas pa silang ng hand sign (iyon ba ang tawag dun..di ko alam lolz)...e si Janus lang ang mahilig magpose na ganun!

CF said...

I love it too! And I thought it was the perfect shot to put for Episode 6.5! hehehehe!

cutiee19 said...

how cute,,

i really lyk them...

i hope i could help them,,,

& vote...

but I can't....

i'm in usa,,,

& i'm watching them

using tfc...

any sugestions how can i vote??

is there any online voting or something??

CF said...

Hi cutiee19... sorry to say that there's no online voting. :(

But you can still show your support for them by being active in the Qpids Yahoogroup and in the JaRla Loveteam thread at PinoyExchange.

Also, if you have friends or relatives in the Philippines, maybe you can ask some of them can vote for you. :)

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