Monday, July 17, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 10.1

Rita sneaks off to the second floor balcony so she can see Jack as they talk on their mobile phones. He is standing outside on the street. She tells him that the maids have been ordered to watch her, so she can't talk long.

He notices the bandage on her hand and asks if Barbara hurt her. Rita says she doesn't want to talk about it, and changes the subject by saying she's so happy to see him.

Jack's voice is heavy with emotion as he tells her he'll come every night to see her. Tearfully, she tells him not to come because they can't see each other anymore. He says he won't let that happen.

She pleads with him to not come back, that if he cares for her at all he won't come back. He asks her if that's really what she wants, and she turns away from him before she finally says yes.

Jack is hurt. With tears streaming down his face, he finally agrees.

She turns back for one last look at him, before she tearfully bids him goodbye and returns to her room, leaving him down on the street staring at the empty balcony, his face wet with tears.

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Jack, Jay, and Chris are rehearsing on their own, with Jay and Chris providing the vocals to "A Million Miles Away." A staffer hears them and applauds them at the end of their song.

The two vocalists are flattered, but Jack just sits quietly brooding. After the staffer leaves, Chris asks Jack if he's still thinking of Rita.

Jay tells him it's better to forget about her and to focus on his career instead, because his career will be a better girlfriend. Jack turns to look at him, but says nothing.


It's mealtime again at the Arguelles home. Barbara says she will accompany Rita to school the next day because they will drop all her classes -- she will no longer be studying.

Barbara says she doesn't want Rita to use school as a way to sneak out and meet Jack. Rita looks at Lavinia, hoping her sister will intercede, but Lavinia says nothing.

Barbara reminds the maids just who is paying their salary and orders them to keep a watchful eye on Rita as Rita cries silently.

Barbara and Lavinia are about to leave when Rita's cellphone suddenly rings. Rita sees that the call is from Jack and quickly rejects the call.

But Barbara has heard the phone, and pointedly holds out her hand until Rita surrenders her cellphone. Barbara and Lavinia leave.

On the phone, Jack hears his call rejected. Now even more depressed, he returns to his seat at the keyboards, still saying nothing. Chris and Jay can only look at him.


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