Thursday, July 27, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 11.4

Barbara tries to convince Rita to spy on Lavinia... to find out what appearances she has and more importantly, how much money Lavinia is making.

Rita asks Barbara why she's having her do this. She tells Barbara that she's caught in the middle of Barbara and Lavinia -- a rock and a hard place. And that she's the one who gets hurt in the process. She pleads with Barbara to stop all the conniving.


Later, Barbara and Lavinia prepare to meet Oscar. Barbara asks Rita if she'd like to come with them, but Rita says no... that she's no longer involved in anything related to Lavinia's career.

Barbara admits that they are being aggressive with Lavinia's career, but that's only because they are at a critical point. She says that once this crisis has passed, they can all be more relaxed.

Rita tells Barbara she thinks that time won't ever come. Back when Lavinia was starting out, they had to work hard so she could establish herself. When she became popular, they had to work hard so the fans would stay loyal. Now that Lavinia is on top, they have to work even harder still, just so she doesn't lose her place on top. So when will they actually feel it's safe to stop and finally relax?

Barbara has no answer.


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