Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 9.3

Dorina performs on Wowowee, much to the appreciation of the audience. Zossimo and the rest of the band watch her from the sidelines. Rita hides behind Jack to avoid being filmed by the camera.

Afterwards, Jack tells Rita she would have enjoyed performing with the band, but she reminds him that she can't if it's a televised performance. She says she's sure her mom will whack her if ever she finds out. Jack asks if her mother is the type to physically hit her, and Rita quickly says she meant it as a figure of speech.

Later, Rita and Jack are walking inside ABS-CBN when they see Barbara.

They quickly hide to avoid being seen. Panicking, Rita tells Jack they have to hide. But Barbara spots Rita.

Barbara starts walking towards them, all the while calling out Rita's name. Rita pulls Jack away hoping to escape from her.

Barbara finally gives up and goes back the way she came. Rita tells Jack they have to rush home.


Barbara and Lavinia rush home and Barbara keeps calling for Rita as she climbs the stairs. She learns from the maid that Rita is not yet back. This enrages Barbara, she says it confirms that Rita was the person she saw at the studio.

Lavinia asks her what Rita could possibly be doing at the studio. Barbara tells her that Dorina's band was there and Rita is probably still seeing Dorina's keyboardist even though Barbara has ordered her to stop seeing him. Just then, the door to Rita's bedroom opens and she appears at the doorway, asking them what's going on.

Barbara is surprised, but she immediately demands to know where Rita has been. Rita reminds Barbara that she had her mother's permission to go malling with her friends. She then says she's been home since 4pm and even fell asleep in her bedroom.

Barbara says she saw her at the studio. Rita denies being there, and says that if she had wanted to go to the studio, she would have gone with them.

When Barbara asks her why the maid didn't know she was home, she tells her mother she had no idea that she was required to login and logout with the maid.

Barbara tells her to watch her mouth and go back to sleep. Relieved, Rita says goodnight, and closes the door to her bedroom. We see that she's still wearing her street clothes and shoes, and had just put on her pajama top.

Outside, Lavinia tells Barbara she was just imagining things. Barbara is not convinced, but without proof she can do nothing.


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