Monday, July 03, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 8.1

The band is gathered backstage just before the start of the concert, nervous and excited, but ready. Zossimo comes in and tells them it's time.

While the band performs, Lavinia and Barbara pull up in a car outside the concert venue. Barbara sees the crowd gathered at the venue, and decides to see just how busy it is inside.

Inside the lobby, it's obvious that a long line of people are still waiting to get in. Barbara sees enough and leaves. The concert continues. Jay and Chris are in the audience, as are Nico, Adora, and Bencho.

After the concert, everyone is in a celebratory mood, and Zossimio brings glasses in for a toast.

Jay and Chris appear backstage after the concert to apologize. Dorina accepts their apology and welcomes them back to the band.

At this development, Jack turns to look at Rita. She tells him she knew she was there as a temporary substitute, and thanks Jack for an unforgettable experience playing with them. Jack is saddened but says nothing as he forces a smile to hide his disappointment.


At the Arguelles home, Lavinia is furious over news of Dorina's successful concert. There is even some TV coverage of the show. Rita sits quietly in one side of the room, reading a magazine but listening to them.

Lavinia tells Barbara she wants to hold her own concert, with a bigger venue and a bigger budget. She wants to outdo Dorina. Barbara tells her she'll call Larry right away.

Rita watches nervously as the TV continues to air parts of the concert. Thankfully, they never show a close-up of her face.

Lavinia shuts the TV off and Barbara leaves to call Larry. Rita takes the opportunity to also leave the room, leaving Lavinia alone to fume over Dorina's success.

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