Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 9.2

Gary, Chris and Jay are waiting for the rest of the band members to arrive for rehearsal. Jack walks in with Rita behind him.

Jack introduces Rita as the substitute guitarist who performed with the band earlier. He tells the rest of the guys that he thinks she would be a great addition to their band as a guitarist so that their band can have a fuller sound. When Jay learns that Rita does not sing, he says he doesn't see any problem.

The rest of the guys agree, much to the delight of Jack and Rita. Just then, Dorina arrives, and Jack immediately tells her that Rita is joining the band.

Rita hesitantly tells Dorina that she would understand completely if Dorina were not to allow her to join, especially after what Lavinia did to her at the party. Dorina says there's no reason why she wouldn't want Rita in the band, because as far as she's concerned, the only thing Rita and Lavinia have in common is their last name.

However, Dorina worries about Barbara or Lavinia finding out about this, because it's sure to lead to a major fight. Rita says it's okay because she has simply told her family that she's out with friends. Smiling, she says it's true anyway because people in the band are her friends.

Everyone is in agreement, and Rita makes one final request before the band starts rehearsing. She says she cannot perform with them whenever there's TV coverage of the event, because she doesn't want to risk being found out. Everyone gives their okay.

With all the discussion concluded, Dorina welcomes her to the band and they hug.


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angelica said...

hey CF! i just wanted to say that i saw pictures of Carla's 18th birthday in our starstudio mag here in the states and i wanted to wish her a happy birthday! hope things are going well in the philippines and i wish her all the best and continued success! take care and keep up the great work! =)

CF said...

Thanks for stopping by Angelica!

Yes!! I was able to post her debut feature on the blog. :D