Thursday, July 13, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 9.4

Jack is relieved to learn that Rita got home safely the day before, and that Barbara still has no clue.

He tells her that the band has a mallshow the next day and that it will not be televised. She tells him she'll make it. Jack is happy.


Rita is on her way out of the house when Barbara stops her and asks where she's going.

Rita says she's just going out with her friends. Barbara tells her it might be better if she just goes with them to Lavinia's autograph signing.

Lavinia intercedes and tells Barbara to let Rita go with her friends, after all Rita has nothing to do at the autograph signing and she'll probably just sit there and sulk. Rita smiles brightly at Lavinia.

Still not appeased, Barbara remarks that Rita has been going out a lot -- she asks Rita to bring her friend to their home so she can meet him/her. Rita comes up with the excuse that her friend's parents are strict, which is why it's usually Rita who goes to her friend.

Barbara warns Rita that she better not be doing anything wrong, and reminds her daughter just what she's like when she's angry.

Rita assures her that there's nothing going on, and quickly escapes after she kisses Barbara and bids Lavinia goodbye.


The mallshow starts, and despite Larry's attempts to draw people to Lavinia's autograph signing, there's a large crowd gathered to watch Dorina and The Halo.

Barbara decides to check out Dorina's show to see just how many people are there. When she reaches the mallshow, she overhears a fan asking his friend who the new female band member is.

Curious, she pushes through the crowd until she sees Rita performing onstage.


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