Thursday, July 20, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 10.4

Jay, Chris, and Jack are outside the wall of the Arguelles home. Jay and Chris are trying to push Jack up so he can reach the top of the wall.

They make an awkward human pyramid as Jay loses his balance, leaving Jack hanging onto the wall with his feet dangling in the air.


Jack is finally up on the wall, calling for Rita. She appears on the balcony, her left hand wrapped in a bandage.

She's shocked to see Jack there. Jack says he had to come because he can't reach her anymore. Rita reveals that her phone is with her mother, and that Barbara is just in the living room! She pleads with them to leave before Barbara catches them.

Jack says he won't leave until they've had a chance to talk. Jay asks Rita to talk to Jack so they can finally leave.

Afraid of getting caught, Rita finally agrees to talk to Jack in school. Jack is thrilled and almost falls off the wall.


You can watch this scene on YouTube.


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