Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 8.3

Lavinia enters Rita's room to warn her sister to stay away from Jack because he's a member of Dorina's band. Rita asks her what she's talking about.

Lavinia tells her to open her eyes and says that Jack is probably just befriending her to get inside information on Lavinia's activities.

Rita is offended and asks Lavinia if she thinks Rita is so worthless that it's impossible her friends appreciate her simply for who she is. Lavinia tries a different tack and says she just doesn't want Rita to be hurt by Jack.

Her sister's response angers Rita further and she asks -- so as long as you're the one who's hurting me, it's alright? Lavinia is unable to reply.

Rita quietly tells Lavinia that she has truly changed. She now wants to control everything -- even Rita's life and her friends. Her statement angers Lavinia.

The singer tells Rita to get it into her head that Dorina and her band are the enemy, and that the enemy has no place in their lives. She angrily shoves Rita's head to emphasize her point.

Rita cries as she watches Lavinia leave the room.


Jack calls Rita on her cellphone and invites her to the band's next rehearsal. Rita quietly makes her way down the stairs of her home, all the while keeping a watchful eye on the second floor.

She tells him that she can't go to the rehearsal because she has already promised to accompany Barbara somewhere.

Jack tells her it's okay if she can't make it. He then apologizes for overstaying his welcome the other night. Still keeping an eye on the second floor, Rita says she should be the one to apologize for the way her mother treated him.

Jack tells her he understands -- after all, Barbara is her mother. He says it's only natural for a parent to be concerned about her daughter when a guy starts hanging around her.

He says it's only right that they are concerned about her since they love her. Rita can't help but smile at the way Jack is being so understanding.

And although she doesn't really believe it, she agrees with him and says -- yes, they love me so much.


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