Saturday, November 25, 2006

'Abt Ur Luv' Character Profiles

ABS-CBN's website has published a feature article on the characters of Abt Ur Luv.

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The character write-up for BRENDA reads:

Carla Humphries is Brenda, Neri’s rich and pampered cousin. She’s used to a wealthy lifestyle and finds it hard to adjust when their family business starts having financial trouble. She resents having Neri around, finding her cousin very uncouth.

The characters that appear to be related directly to BRENDA's story are:
Shaina Magdayao will be playing Neri, a street smart girl who’s about to experience new challenges in her life when she moves in with her aunt and cousins. She might look meek but she’s a real fighter, used to being independent since her mother died and her father became missing at sea.

Denise Laurel is Celine, a self-supporting gal, working as a gym and martial arts instructor. She’s Brenda’s best friend and Gen’s girlfriend. Guys tend to flip over Celine. They’d do just about anything to get near her.

Empress Schuck is Hillary, Brenda’s younger sister. She idolizes her sister so much to the point that she copies Brenda’s every move. Hillary also dislikes Neri, but eventually she warms up to her.

AJ Perez is Josh, Hillary’s twin. Hillary is the neat and proper twin while Josh is the more relaxed and easy going one. He immediately takes to his cousin Neri.

Victor Basa is Stick, Brenda’s boyfriend and Celine’s co-gym instructor. He’s a ‘super’ man – super kind, super disciplined and a super loving boyfriend.

Mikki Arceo is Mich, Mao’s geeky friend who has a huge crush on Stick. She might look harmless on the outside but think again! She hates Brenda for she gets in the way of her Stick-stalking activities.

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