Sunday, November 26, 2006

All About Carla

November 26, 2006
Khaleej Times Online

by Aprylle Liabres (Contributor)

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Ironically, it was her role in Bituing Walang Ningning that made 18-year-old Carla Humphries’ star shine even brighter. 'I’m very thankful for the role,' says Carla, who played Rita, the younger sister of the series’ antagonist, Lavinia Arguelles (Angelika dela Cruz).

Veteran actress Amy Austria played their mother Barbara. Of the trio, Carla was not only the youngest; she was also the least experienced. Bituing Walang Ningning was her first regular show, and the biggest break so far of her career.

At first, Carla was intimidated by the idea of working with them, especially Amy. Before shooting their scenes together, Carla would take a few minutes to pray so she’d be less nervous when it was time to face the cameras.

What she found out surprised her. “They very warm and very good to me. Tita Amy, especially, would really guide me when it came to acting. Everyone knows she’s this really great actress, but she’s so down-to-earth. So in my scenes with them, I really gave my best so I wouldn’t have reason to be ashamed of myself.”

Carla, who is of French, American and Filipino descent (her father is French-American, while her mother is a full-blooded Filipina from Batangas) has also starred in Star Magic Presents and the reality teen dating show Qpids, where she was paired with Janus del Prado, who also played her love interest in Bituing Walang Ningning. Now, she is one of the 19 young stars featured in ABS-CBN’s new youth-oriented show Abt Ur Luv.

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