Friday, November 24, 2006

Carla enjoying good breaks

November 24, 2006

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By Mario Bautista

CARLA Humphries is one of the youngsters who star in Star Magic’s new youth-oriented show, “Abt Ur Luv,” that starts this Saturday at 5p.m. She went steady with Janus del Prado after they were paired in “Qpids” but she now admits that they’ve broken up. Last she heard, Janus has found a new love.

“I’m happy for him na may bago na siyang mahal,” she says. “Gan’un talaga ang buhay, e. Friends pa rin naman kami.”

She, in turn, is enjoying the good breaks ABS-CBN is giving her. Her performance as Angelika de la Cruz’ feisty sister in “Bituing Walang Ningning” was praised by a lot of people. Now, she’s confident her role in”Abt Ur Luv” will also get noticed.

“Saka na ang lovelife since I’m only 18. Enjoyin muna ang buhay while you’re young. Hindi naman siguro ako mauubusan ng boys.”

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