Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Carla on Homeboy

Carla was on today's episode of Homeboy, which was entitled "Dat's Luv".

Other guests were Rodjun Cruz, Denise Laurel, Aaron Agassi, Maja Salvador, Jason Abalos, John Wayne Sace, Mikki Arceo, Mhyco Aquino, and Lauren Young.

In the show's first segment, each guest took turns introducing themselves. Rodjun and Carla took turns singing to each other.

In one of the segments, the guests were challenged in an acting game called "Cry Baby". The first two guests to actually cry a tear will win. Mhyco (1st) and Carla (2nd) were declared the winners.

In another segment, the guests were challenged to a race to see which pair would be the fastest at shelling watermelon seeds.

Later, the pairs were asked to make Christmas cards from scratch, and read their greetings to their partners.

Finally, everyone was asked to plug their respective upcoming shows. Carla plugged "About Your Love" and mentioned that she's paired with Victor Basa on the show. She also thanked her sponsors: Maldita, Particles, and Belo Medical Clinic.

A few more random screenshots:

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