Thursday, June 30, 2005

Qpids: Episode 6.4

The episode opened with a live performance of the song "Tell Me Where it Hurts" by MYMP.

During the song number, video clips of the 8 remaining loveteams flashed on the video screens overhead. The loveteams can be seen seated together on a platform at the back of the stage.

In the next segment, Anne introduces the members of the Love Council: Director Joyce Bernal, Mr. William Martinez, and Direk Laurenti Dyogi.

Luis then asked Hazel & Mhyco, Karel & Gabb, Carla & Janus, and Carlo & Vane to step forward.

They watch the video clips of each of the loveteams. At the end of the Carla-Janus video clip, we see the two of them smiling.

Direk Lauren is the Love Council member who will share his comments for their loveteam.

Direk Lauren says: Carla, Janus... Janus is a very powerful actor, alam natin yun diba? Carla, very expressive ang mga mata mo. Kaya lang kapag nagbibigkas ka ng Tagalog na linya, lumalabas ang insecurity mo. So, work on that. Pero, okay ang tandem.

In the following segment, each of the pairs will now be told whether they belong to the Red Heart (safe) zone or the Blue Heart (danger) zone.

When only Carla & Janus and Carlo & Vanessa remained on stage, Direk Lauren announced that the first pair he will name will proceed to the Blue Heart.

He then asked Carlo and Vanessa to proceed to the Blue Heart, and said that Carla and Janus belong to the Red Heart.

Carla and Janus are visibly overcome with joy at the news... and both look to the audience (I assume to their families).

They then join Hazel and Mhyco in the Red Heart zone, and we can see Janus wiping Carla's tears.

Later in the evening, we also see Carla and Janus congratulate Hazel and Mhyco for winning this week's immunity bear.

The episode ends before the weakest pair is revealed. Anne also says that a shocking twist will be revealed in tomorrow's episode.


Jacee said...

My first reaction talaga ng iannounce ni Direk na SAFE ang JARLA (still not comfortable...I actually like calling them CARJAN)..nagtatalon sa tuwa..mukha raw akong engot sabi ng bayaw ko...keber ko!! hahahaha

Natawa ako sa reaction nila nung nalaman nila na SAFE sila....they are really happy talaga..keber si CARLA kahit la na siyang poise!! hahaha

I really like them...they really show how they felt kahit anong itsura nila! :)

Nakahinga talaga ako dahil nasa RED HEART sila. YIPEEE!!! :D

Anonymous said...

cno poh ang na out na pair? ty poh

CF said...

Let's watch the show nalang po on Friday night. May "shocking twist" daw, according to Anne sa Thursday episode.

CF said...

Jacee, I'm SO thrilled nga that they're SAFE this week!

They did their part by acting so well... so JARLA fans, let's do our part by voting for them again in the coming week!

Let's keep JARLA safe!


Leodegario T. Versoza said...

Ang JACA,(JAnus-CArla) TANDEM ang Pinaka Favorites ng Marami Talaga sa Qpids! Pili ko yong JACA! kASI taga PANGASINAN, ako at ang ibig sabihin ng JAKA (diya-ka!)in English STAY! Kaya Janus-Carla STAY in Qpids!