Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Carla's Guestbook Entry: June 14

Carla just posted this entry in the Guestbook of the Carla Fansite... I'm still giddy! hahahaha!

Hi Guyz! Firstly, I'd like to say a BIIIGGG Thank You to you CF for all the effort you put into my fansite, my blog, and also the QPIDS Blog.

Thank you to everyone who greeted me for my Birthday.

Thank you to all the CQAs and Pexers! To Leikela Joy, Ania, Camz, Luis Lover, MARGZZZ, Jonts and all the others CQAs; wish I could name you all personally but you're so many NA ;)

Of all my blessings of late, YOU are my biggest ones! THANK YOU! I will try to be worthy and hope that I can count on your continued support for the Carla-Janus labsteam! Ingat po kayong lahat! Labshoooooooo MWAH! love lots Carla Humphries... ay Loren nga pala! :D

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