Monday, June 06, 2005

Qpids: Episode 3.1

As this episode opens, Anne and Luis are on the beach with the entire cast to introduce the Rewards segment of the show. The winning charmings get to enjoy their dates with their princesses, while the losing charmings must be their alalay, and are not allowed to speak at all during the date. The winning pairs are divided into two groups -- one group gets to go parasailing, while the second group gets to go jet-skiing.

Mikel and Carla are standing together with the other princesses and their winning charmings, while Janus is one of four charmings who failed to win in the Race of Hearts.

CF's Note: We do not see Carla again for the remainder of this episode, except in previews for tomorrow, where it looks like she'll be testing Janus... by seeing how far she can push him before he loses his temper. :)

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Jacee said...

I like the screencaps (anghel na walang langit) hahahaha

Pero kung titingnan mo silang 4 na prince charming ang nagkaroon ng loveteams...talunan nga sa loventure na ito...panalo naman sila in the end...