Friday, June 24, 2005

Qpids: Episode 5.5

When Part 1 of the First Heartbreak Night ended, Carla and Janus were with four other loveteams in the Danger Zone.

When it was time for Carla and Janus to learn the fate of their loveteam, Anne and Luis called them forward to join Karel and Gabb.

Luis then announced that Carla and Janus were the stronger pair, and they were asked to move to the Red Heart area (safe zone).


Jacee said...

I feel sad for ISABEL & FELIX coz like ko rin sila...

Yehey ...coz di naalis ang CARJAN LABSTEAM!!! (late ang reaction ko lang gusto kong magcomment)

sheena said...

yepeeh! hindi nga natangal ang jarla team hay salamat talaga kay Lord!