Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Qpids: Episode 3.3

Anne and Luis open the episode by introducing the Bonfire segment. This segment will be the last chance that each charming has to sway his princess and convince her that he's the best choice as her loveteam partner.

As the segment opens, we see the entire cast seated around a bonfire, and each princess takes her turn in the center and is presented with something by her two princes.

CF's Note: Carla does not have her turn with her two charmings in this episode, but we do see her at different times reacting to what's happening.

Smiling in reaction to a wisecrack from Janus

Watching TJ give Pauleen a piggybank

Reacting to Mhyco telling Andrea that he's happy he met her and that they're now friends...

Listening to Mhyco asking Andrea who she thinks he's talking about...

Waiting for Andrea to realize that Mhyco is talking about her...

Listening to Mikel's speech for Paw

Listening to Jill talk about Alwyn's letter

Reacting to Marc C's attempt to kiss Vanessa

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sheena said...

hay na ko carla alam mo kong nahihirapan kang pumili sa kanilang dalawa tutulungan kita ang piliin mo nalang ay si janus kasi he gives u laughter eh o alam mo ba ang nagsesend nito ay 11 years old palang si sheena!