Thursday, June 02, 2005

Qpids: Episode 2.4

Carla did not appear in today's episode of Qpids.


Daynuh said...

Big Sis CF
hahaha! just as i suspected you won't be posting anything since Carla dear did not appear. Well, you had a night's rest! But I can feel Carla will be on tonight's episode!! (*i was hoping you posted a little of the bamboo's screencaps on pEx or somethin' hihihihihi!*) Peace Out!! Brace yourself for later's episode!

CF said...

Hi daynuh! hahahaha! Well, this IS the Carla Loren fanblog, diba? hehehehe! If she didn't appear, then I have nothing to post. :)

Anyway, you'll find screenshots of Mikel's appearance on this episode at the Qpids Blog. :)