Thursday, June 09, 2005

Qpids: Episode 3.4

The bonfire segment continues in this episode, and when it is Carla's turn, the first charming to speak to her is Mikel.

Mikel. He presents her with a small box that contains a key. As Carla opens the box and takes the key out, Mikel says "I hope you keep this key, so you can open all the locks that my heart has been harboring all these years."

Tearfully, Carla tells him that she's really so happy, and she tells Mikel that on the first day, she had been so scared that no one would run to her table. She said she was so thankful that Mikel chose to sit with her... and that he made her feel like a princess (flashback in black and white).

Carla continues: Later when he danced with her, she said it meant so much to her, and that she's happy he was the one who danced with her (flashback). Mikel responded by saying he was also very happy.

Janus. When it was time for Janus to talk with Carla, he sat next to her with a guitar in his hands, and everyone started laughing when he broke into song... "Huwag diyan! May kiliti ako diyan! Huwag diyan! Kasi relax ka lang, may kiliti ako diyan! English version! Not there, I got a funny bone there! Not there! So just relax, I've got a funny bone there!"

Next, Janus tells Carla that he will sing her a song that he composed himself. He then calls on his back-up singers, Alwyn and the Roco twins, and as they move to stand behind Janus, he tells Carla "I won't be pa-tweetums. But I'll sing this song for you". Carla doesn't quite believe it at first and says, "Totoo ba 'to?"

Janus continues: "This song is entitled 'Carla'". And he sings "C - you're a Cutie pie, A - you're Adorable, R - you Remind me of my ex! L - you're so Loving, A - you're Always in my heart. Carla-lalalala..." as the rest of the cast laughs along with Carla in reaction to his performance.

Next, Janus presents her with three gifts, a yellow rose (yellow, because it's his favorite color), a pink heart-shaped balloon -- para pagnainis ka, putukin mo nalang, and a moon-shaped stuffed toy with a little animal hugging the moon, and a small star.

He tells her: "Ako yung moon, ikaw itong stuffed toy, at eto (the star) si Mikel"... as everyone starts laughing, including Mikel. Then Janus says to Mikel -- "At least kasali ka!"

Then finally, Janus pretends to be sad and weepy, and he says: "Pero, kung sakaling hindi ako piliin ng mga tao... I'll cry! Pero Carla, I wish you all the best. Ikaw pa rin ang astig para sakin."

Carla (in her interview): I'm on top of the world. Walang sasarap pa sa pinadama nila sa akin. If ever I cry today, it's because I'm so happy.


Union of Hearts. After the bonfire segment ends, we see the start of the Union of Hearts segment, which takes place at Fernwood Gardens.

Anne and Luis explain that it's now time to announce the final 9 loveteams that were selected by ABS-CBN's management. The love story ends here for the 5 charmings who will not be selected, but a new story will begin for each of the 9 final pairs.

The episode ends before Carla's final loveteam partner is announced.


angelica said...

OMG janus was so funny&cute! carla was so lucky to have him as one of her loveteam partners .. yeee ! =) i loved the song about it it was so cute too. yeay!

Daynuh said...

i like Janus' whole segment with Carla. Super Laughing my as$ off! anyways, CF, i'd like to ask what's that about when they were in the beach and Carla was crying, Mikel was also super red nosed. She was in blue and she wiped her tears off and Mikel was only nodding (*like in agreement or somethin'*) It was often ssen during the plug of the Union of Hearts, Like they went on saying "malalaman na ang final 9 loveteams..." What was the beach scene all about? Did they like change their decisions?

CF said...

Hi daynuh! Good to know you enjoyed the Janus bonfire segment. I was laughing like crazy too. :)

Anyway, about that beach scene -- I also don't know what that scene was all about... I think they originally planned to air that scene, but in the end, they decided not to... kasi we never actually saw that segment aired.

According to a message posted in the Qpids thread at PinoyExchange the other day, the Union of Hearts was originally supposed to air next week, but a decision was made to air it this week instead. To me, this means that there was a whole week of episodes originally planned that the network decided to not air anymore. I think the beach scene that we saw in the trailers was one of those scenes that was cut out.

I hope they decide to eventually release the entire, unedited, original version of the series on VCD one of these days. I think there's so much stuff that was supposed to be there that is not getting aired at all. Like all the end credits of each episode, for example. I would really enjoy watching those. :)

Hope that helps in some way. :D

bartskee said...

dito sa "Qpids:Episode 3.4" ito ang isa sa gustong gusto ko sa lahat ng episode dahil kay JANUS, at CARLA, Dahil dito sila magaling dumiskarti si janus,especially nong kakanta na siya at nong may binigay na gift kay carla, maraming natawa! pati mga cast ng Qpids! at dito narin sumaya si carla! janus, super ka talaga!!!-bartskee of new york, u.s.a.