Sunday, June 26, 2005

Qpids: Episode 6.1

Another new week has started on Qpids, and the eight remaining loveteams (including Carla and Janus) proceed to a house in an unspecified location for their next Loventure.

Soon after the 8 loveteams settle down, Mr. Qpido, Direk Lauren Dyogi arrives with four special guests: Marc Cortez, J.E. Sison, Mike Agassi, and Joseph Bitangcol.

Direk Lauren explains that the next challenge for the loveteams will be a Romantic Comedy Acting Loventure. Each princess will be given a chance to randomly pick a script for a scene taken from Meteor Garden or Lovers in Paris, which the loveteams will then have to act out.

Direk Lauren also stressed that the Love Council will use the results of this acting challenge as their basis for selecting the loveteam that will receive the immunity bear at this Thursday's upcoming Heartbreak Night.

Carla's randomly selected script was a scene from Lovers in Paris. After the scripts were distributed, the 8 loveteams were divided into four groups. Each group was told they have 30 minutes to discuss amongst themselves, assign the roles in the script, and rehearse.

Carla and Janus were grouped with Paw and Mikel. Among the special guests, Mike Agassi was assigned to their group. Their group very quickly came to an agreement about the roles, and were able to start reviewing their scripts.

Both Janus and Carla also took the opportunity to give Mikel some encouragement and advice, since he seemed to not be completely focused on the challenge.

The episode ended with a sneak peak into tomorrow's episode, where we get to watch the first group perform.

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