Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Qpids: Episode 6.3

In Episode 6.1, Direk Lauren had explained the mechanics of the Romantic Comedy Acting Loventure to all remaining 8 loveteams. Carla and Janus had been grouped together with Paw and Mikel to portray scenes from Lovers in Paris.

Their segment of this episode opens with Luis explaining via voiceover that Paw and Mikel would have the lead role of Vivian and Carlo, while Carla and Janus would be in a supporting role portraying a male and female passerby.

Former prince charming Mike Agassi returns as a special guest for this segment.

Carla in her interview said that since Paw and Mikel were already in the Red Heart (safe) zone, she and Janus needed this opportunity to prove that they are also worthy of being in the Red Heart zone.

Luis in his voiceover asked how comfortable Carla would be acting in a scene with her former prince charming Mikel. Carla responds: "I'm very confident. Alam ko magaling umarte si Janus. Lalaban kami."


At one point though, Direk Lauren calls Janus aside and tells Janus that he's being KSP.

Direk Lauren: "E paano, kahit wala ka sa eksena, gumagawa ka ng eksena."

Janus responds to Direk: "E siyempre, paano ako mapapansin? E ang gwa-gwapo ng mga kalaban ko eh."


The scene then changes to Janus and Mikel apparently having an argument.

Janus in his interview says: "Inaamin ko naman, gusto kong mabago yung bad temper ko. Kasi, bihira ako magalit, pero pagmagalit ako talaga... kailangan huwag niyo akong lapitan... kasi... " Carla interjects: "Maniwala kayo."

Mikel in his interview says that Janus is upset with him because Direk Lauren had caught Janus smoking in one of the bathrooms.

Direk Lauren noted the number of cigarette butts on the floor and started asking the others in the room who else had smoked.

When no one else confessed to the deed, Janus angrily said, "O sige, ako na ang nagyosi ng lahat na yan, pati yung lights."

Despite repeated questioning by Direk Lauren, no one else admitted to smoking in the bathroom. Mikel in his interview said he had not been smoking, that he was just lying in bed at that time.


Finally, it was time to rehearse and shoot the scene of Carla and Janus, where this time they would be portraying Vivian and Carlo walking together in a park.

During their interview, Janus and Carla laughingly talked about their experience working with Mike Agassi, whose mission was apparently to try to distract them both during rehearsals.

Turns out Mike had been trying to distract them by asking inane questions, and by coming into the scene at the wrong times.

Before long, it was time to shoot the actual scene. Carla and Janus (portraying Vivian and Carlo) walk together through the park, and after sitting together, "Carlo" hands "Vivian" a piggy bank, saying: This is our baby, please take care of it and fatten it up.

"Vivian" sets the piggy bank down to one side and starts opening her bag, saying that she has something to give to "Carlo". At that point, Mike enters the scene and tries to snatch the piggy bank. Janus goes after him and wrestles with him until Mike drops the piggy bank.

Carla seizes the opportunity to rescue the piggy bank, then starts to run from the scene.

She eventually realizes that Janus is not behind her, and returns to where the two men were still wrestling on the floor, then starts to hit Mike on the head with her bag. Janus finally manages to wriggle out of Mike's grasp, and together, Carla and Janus make a run for it.

They're both laughing in their interview as they describe the scene that follows. Mike gets up and starts running after Janus, completely ignoring the piggy bank which was still with Carla.

The two men chase each other around the garden, but eventually stop when Janus slips on the grass. Janus is laughing in his interview when he says the editors will no doubt replay the scene of him slipping on the grass a few times (which they did. LOL).

At this point, we see a segment of Paw and Mikel's interview, where they talk about the Carla-Janus loveteam.

Mikel: It's fun to see Janus being beaten up by Carla all the time. Diba?

Paw: Para sakin talaga maganda ang Janus-Carla tandem. Kasi... for a change... kasi, lahat kami dito, sweet-sweety. Sila yung iba. Sila ang nagpapaiba ng mode... happy-happy.


We then get to see the final versions of both the Paw-Mikel and Carla-Janus scenes.

The episode ends with Direk Lauren meeting everyone once again at the living room of the house, where he reminds them that 50% of the elimination criteria is dependent on how they performed during this loventure.

Direk says: Okay, maraming nangyari sa araw na 'to. This loventure, hindi ko alam kung puro love ang nangyari. May mga awayan, oncam and offcam; may mga nasita na pinagmulan ng pag-aaway. This is a test, not only of your acting abilities, but also of your relationships with each other bilang loveteam and bilang magkakaibigan.

He continues: The love council will review your performances. 50% of your scores will be based on the love council. The other 50% will be based on the votes. The one who will receive the immunity bear will be revealed at Heartbreak Night on Thursday.

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Jacee said...

I love their scene...natatawa talaga ako sa scene's indeed a romantic comedy...though mas maraming comedy.

I know Janus kasi as a dramatic actor...kaya nagulat talaga ako na makulit at comedian din pala siya...

I love Carla...mukha lang siyang sosy pero di naman pala...pretty pa siya...i like her eyes!!