Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Eurasian Charmer

Originally published on Tempo


Her full name is Madeleine Lauren Apacible Humphries.

But she’s originally billed Carla Humphries. Then Loren was added to her name – as in Loren Legarda and Sophia Loren. In time she’ll be known simply as Carla Loren.

Her mother is from Batangas, belonging to the prominent Apacible clan. Her father is French-Italian. When she was 9, she lived in Paris for two years – and to date Carla says she still speaks French.

A member of Star Magic, Carla celebrated her 17th birthday last May 20.

People say that Carla’s a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Jennifer Love Hewitt, but on her own she’s stunningly beautiful – a Eurasian charmer.

Carla’s currently cast in ABS-CBN’s "Qpids," one of the Love Princesses in search of a Prince Charming. She’s being paired with, among others, Mikel Campos and Janus del Prado. But the final decision lies on the network management and ultimately the public who’ll vote via texts.

She’s a fine arts student at UST, but she’s thinking of transferring school (La Salle) and course (ComArts). The schedule at UST is too long. But she’ll continue painting, with oil as medium.

A commercial endorser, Carla just came back from Thailand where she shot a shampoo ad.

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