Sunday, June 26, 2005

Qpids: Sunday Loventures 2

In the second episode of Qpids Sunday Loventures, we learn that the CAR-JAN LABSTEAM ranked #5 in terms of PLDT/text votes among the final 9 loveteams.


We also see an additional scene from the Bear Kita date of Carla and Janus.

It's very late by the time Janus brings Carla back home, and as they approach the door, Janus expresses his worry about having to face Carla's older brother. He doesn't feel better when Carla says this time, he may have to face her father!

Janus looks around the room, nervously awaiting his fate while Carla goes to speak to her family.

Eventually, she returns to find Janus looking uneasy, sitting on the couch.

Carla: Okay lang yun. Bukas nalang daw.
Janus: Papatayin?
Carla: Pupuntahan ka sa bahay niyo.
Janus: (gulp!)

Just before leaving her house, Janus asks Carla for a kiss goodnight by pointing to his cheek. She responds with "Hug nalang," then gives him a hug.

But Janus asks for a kiss on his cheek again. This time, Carla pecks his cheek with her fingertips while making the sound of a kiss with her mouth.

Janus is still not satisfied and asks one more time. Carla moves forward as if to kiss him, but at the last minute turns her head away. Janus laughs and he finally moves forward to beso Carla on her cheek.

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