Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 4.3

At the breakfast table, Barbara is gloating at the tabloid cover stories talking about Rosamia's concert being a flop. She tells Lavinia she did a great job at her own concert. She concludes that Lavinia doesn't need Rosamia at all.

Rita interjects, saying that Lavinia still got her start from Rosamia. Barbara disagrees.

Lavinia listens attentively as Barbara says she's been in showbiz for a long time and that it was just strategy on Rosamia's part that made her invite Lavinia to participate in her shows, because she knew Lavinia would bring in droves of young fans to prop up Rosamia's "ailing" career.

Rita obviously disagrees, but she cannot say anything. Lavinia begins to believe Barbara, even remarking that Barbara is probably right, because once she stopped working with Rosamia, the other singer's career started to decline. Rita becomes even more distressed by what she is hearing.

Barbara agrees with Lavinia's observation, and concludes that Rosamia was just using her. Once again Barbara says that Lavinia owes Rosamia nothing, and that Lavinia is obviously the best performer.

As Rita watches, Lavinia smiles; she is starting to believe that she achieved everything on her own.

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