Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 4.2

Dorina is outside the residential subdivision where Lavinia lives and the guards won't let her in because they've received written orders about keeping fans out. As she argues with the guards, a taxi pulls up at the gate, and it is Rita who is in the cab, returning from school.

Rita recognizes Dorina and invites her to get into the cab so they can ride into the subdivision together.

Once in front of the Arguelles home, Dorina is at first hesitant, but she accepts Rita's invitation to come into the house.

She is drawn immediately to a large poster of Lavinia hanging in the living room. Dorina gazes at the poster with admiration... prompting Rita to remark jokingly that it looks like an altar. Dorina agrees.

Rita asks Dorina if she intends to wait until Lavinia returns from her rehearsals, but Dorina says no and shows the sampaguita that she has brought along for her idol. Rita accepts it and promises to make sure that Lavinia gets it.

Dorina hesitantly asks about the incident the other night with the maid, Brenda, and Rita tells her not to worry, and that she had become upset with Brenda when she had heard what happened.

Dorina asks about Lavinia's reaction, and Rita hesitates before finally saying that Lavinia was also upset with their maid (apparently a lie -- Rita didn't want to hurt Dorina's feelings).

Dorina is relieved at this (mis)information, then out of curiousity asks Rita what it's like to be the sister of Lavinia. Dorina remarks that Rita is so lucky.

Rita is quiet for a moment, then as she moves to stand in front of Lavinia's portrait, she says -- you might say that I'm the moon and she's the sun. I only have light when she's around.

She looks down at the flowers she's holding, then says quietly, That's how lucky I am. Rita forces a smile, and Dorina smiles back hesitantly -- she doesn't seem to know quite what to make of Rita's statement.


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