Monday, June 26, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 7.1

Lavinia tries to talk to Barbara but her mother is giving her the silent treatment.

Rita comes to tell Lavinia that Nico is on the phone, but Lavinia still does not know whether or not she should accept Nico's proposal.

Still confused, she asks Rita to put Nico off for now.


At breakfast the next morning, Lavinia tries to get Barbara to speak to her, but her mother just ignores her.

Rita hands the pitcher of juice to Lavinia when Barbara ignores Lavinia's request to pass the juice.

Just then, the phone rings and a maid brings the wireless phone to the table. Barbara answers it and identifies the caller as Nico. Lavinia signals to Barbara that she doesn't want to talk to him. To spite her, Barbara tells Nico that Lavinia is right here and tosses the phone to the table.

Lavinia reluctantly takes the phone as Barbara and Rita watch her. She appears to come to a decision and tells Nico that she will meet with him to give him her answer to his marriage proposal.


Lavinia returns home and a concerned Rita meets her at the door to ask her how she is.

Lavinia asks her how she has heard what happened, and Rita tells her that Larry and Barbara are waiting for her. The two sisters move to the living room together.

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