Friday, June 23, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 6.5

As Rita joins Barbara at the breakfast table, Barbara asks her where Lavinia is. Apparently, Barbara cannot find Lavinia and the singer is not answering her cellphone.

Rita tells Barbara that she heard Lavinia talking to Nico earlier that morning. Perhaps the two of them are together.


Lavinia finally returns home to find an angry Barbara waiting for her. She confesses that she was with Nico and that she had turned off her cellphone so they wouldn't be disturbed.

Barbara is furious. She tells Lavinia that she had missed a 1pm appointment that day. Lavinia says she had forgotten about it. She apologizes and tries to explain that she's very rarely with Nico. Barbara says that's no excuse. She demands to know what Lavinia thinks she can expect to get from Nico.

She asks derisively if Nico has offered to produce a concert for Lavinia at the Araneta Coliseum. Hesitantly, Lavinia says Nico hasn't offered her a concert... but that he has offered her marriage.

Barbara is shocked into silence. Just then, Rita notices the large ring on Lavinia's finger and rushes forward to admire it. She tells Lavinia that she really likes Nico and thinks he would be good for Lavinia. She asks when the wedding will be.

Lavinia is unable to answer as Barbara stares at her with anger and disapproval. Without saying a word, Barbara walks out of the room. Lavinia calls after her, but Barbara ignores her daughter.


Later that night, the two sisters are in Lavinia's bedroom and Lavinia is torn. She loves Nico but she also wants her career.

Rita assures her that she can still have a career even if she's married to Nico, because she's talented and the fans will stay loyal to her.

Lavinia says she feels bad about Larry, especially after all he's done for her. And now he's unhappy with her. Rita tells Lavinia it's her life so she should do what she wants.

Lavinia asks Rita -- what about our mother? Rita says -- didn't you say you would still take care of our mother even after you're married? Besides, what can she do? You're old enough to decide for yourself.

Lavinia says she doesn't want to hurt Barbara. Especially since Barbara and Rita are the only family she has. And she wants Barbara and Rita to be there at her wedding.

Lavinia sighs and says she thought she knew all the answers, but now she just doesn't know what to do anymore.

Rita tries to put the situation into perspective by saying -- look at it this way... on the one hand, there's your career with mama and Larry... and on the other hand, there's Nico. Which one's more important?

Lavinia is unable to answer.

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