Friday, June 09, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 4.5

The Arguelles family are gathered backstage in Lavinia's dressing room. She is utterly furious at the way Dorina upstaged her during her performance earlier.

Barbara is just as upset, saying she felt like cutting off Dorina's tongue for the way she behaved.

Rita says that, in fairness, Dorina sang beautifully, and that she even managed to reach high notes that Lavinia has trouble with. Angered, Lavinia throws a box of tissue at Rita, and tells her to shut up.

Rita becomes angry as well, because the box of tissue almost hits her. Lavinia tells her it should already be obvious that she's upset to start with, there's no need to needle her and make things worse. Rita tells her with mock courtesy that she's merely commenting.

She asks -- am I not allowed to say what I think simply because someone's a better singer than you? Even the audience preferred Dorina's performance to yours!

Barbara interjects and tells Rita that's enough and that she's going too far.

Rita is still angry but she shuts up. A tense silence follows.

Just then Nico enters and asks Lavinia if he can bring someone in to see her, and when Lavinia says yes, Dorina appears with Oman in tow. Lavinia is forced to put on a smile (however false) at the sight of Dorina entering the dressing room.

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