Friday, June 02, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 3.5

Lavinia and Nico are talking at the LaCalma Recording Company, with Barbara and Rita walking a few feet behind them. Once again, Nico asks her out but she once again turns him down.

Nico tells her he will not take no for an answer and that he's prepared to wait, then leaves.

Barbara is angry that Lavinia has turned Nico down, especially since she had already instructed Lavinia to accept the next time Nico asks her. Barbara orders Lavinia to run after Nico now and tell him she'll go out with him.

Lavinia doesn't want to, and just when it looks like Barbara is about to lose her temper, Rita intervenes and says that Lavinia would look desperate if she were to run after Nico now.

Thinking quickly, Rita tells Barbara that Lavinia is just playing hard-to-get.

Barbara asks Lavinia if that is true, and Lavinia grabs the excuse and says that it's just all part of her strategy, since men like Nico quickly lose interest in a girl if they can easily win her over.

The reasoning appeases Barbara.


The maid enters Lavinia's room with flowers from Dorina, just as the singer is frantically packing for her last-minute booking, with Rita looking on.

Lavinia is irritated that Dorina is there again and she instructs the maid to tell Dorina that now is a bad time. Lavinia tells Rita she has to put up with Dorina all the time now because they all encouraged her to befriend the girl in the first place.

Rita tells her that all Dorina wants is a smile or a wave, and that Lavinia should be thankful she has fans, and be especially thankful to Dorina, because without her fans she wouldn't have a career at all.

Lavinia tells Rita that if she wants, she can go talk to Dorina herself; after all, nobody pays any attention to Rita since she's "just a nobody."

Rita is visibly hurt.

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