Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 6.2

Lavinia puts on a show of congratulating Dorina for winning Star in a Million as her family and Dorina's fans look on.


In the car, Larry congratulates Lavinia for her ability to "play the game" of showbiz. Lavinia smiles at the compliment, and says it's only right that she show support for small-time singers.

Rita tells her to not be too sure, because she thinks Dorina will become popular. She's talented and people take to her right away. She's just new but she already has a lot of fans. It's probably because she has humble beginnings and people like that.

Lavinia says people will soon be tired of Dorina. Besides, she still has a long way to go before she reaches Lavinia's stature.

Larry advises Lavinia to not dismiss Dorina so quickly because she's talented. Lavinia asks him if Dorina is more talented than her, and Larry is quick to say "of course not."

Barbara assures her that no one is better than her, and Lavinia is appeased.


At the breakfast table the next day, Barbara comments that Lavinia got in quite late the night before. Lavinia tells her she couldn't just leave Nico since he was upset with her for being so late for their date.

Lavinia casually mentions that Nico is suggesting that they go away together for a vacation -- an idea that Rita likes. But Barbara shoots down the idea and tells Lavinia this is the wrong time to think of taking a break. Lavinia assures Barbara that she told Nico no.

Rita asks why it's such a bad idea, especially since Lavinia was on the verge of breaking down from exhaustion. It's only right that she get to go on vacation for a while.

Barbara derisively tells Rita she doesn't think. If Lavinia were to leave now, any up-and-coming singer can come in and take her place. She tells Rita to stay out of the discussion.

Rita rolls her eyes but she doesn't say anything more.

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