Thursday, June 22, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 6.4

The Arguelles family is out at the mall where Lavinia is being mobbed by fans.

Rosamia happens to be nearby and the two singers see each other.


Rosamia is preparing to leave the mall when Lavinia approaches her from behind. Lavinia and puts on a show of greeting her former mentor, but Rosamia is not interested in being civil. She tells Lavinia to drop the act.

Barbara arrives in time to hear Rosamia insult Lavinia. Other people have to hold her back from attacking Rosamia.

Lavinia puts on a show of being hurt by Rosamia's attitude, but Rosamia is not deceived. Lavinia's fans jump to her defense, calling Rosamia a has-been.

Rosamia finally leaves. With the crowd of onlookers still around, Lavinia continues with her act of being hurt. Barbara plays along and "comforts" her daughter.

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