Monday, June 12, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 5.1

Dorina visits Lavinia backstage to express her admiration for Lavinia's performance, and to present her usual sampaguita. Lavinia tolerates her presence because Nico is there. Dorina talks about how surprised she felt when Lavinia handed her the microphone.

Rita rises and tells Dorina that she really sang well, and asks Lavinia if she agrees. Rita also says to Dorina that she even sings better than some singers, while looking at Lavinia.

She might have said more but Barbara pulls her by the hair away from Dorina. Barbara then asks Dorina to leave so that Lavinia can change out of her gown.

Once Dorina leaves, Lavinia throws the flowers to the floor and crushes them with her feet.

Rita can only watch with dismay as Lavinia gives her a nasty smile.


At the Arguelles home, Barbara shows Lavinia the latest smear article against Rosamia in the tabloids, which talks about Rosamia going to see Larry and begging him for another chance.

Rita asks if the story is true and Barbara reveals that she had learned the story from Libby, and she in turn passed the information to Oscar.

Rita asks Barbara when she intends to give Rosamia a break, and Barbara says Rosamia hasn't suffered enough. No one can hurt Lavinia and get away with it.

Rita mumbles "except you" as she rolls her eyes at her mother's words. When Barbara asks her what she said, Rita plays innocent and claims she hasn't said anything, all the while munching on her apple.

Lavinia is worried as she asks Barbara if there's any mention of Dorina's singing during Lavinia's performance. When Barbara asks the singer if she's worried, Rita is quick to jump in and say that Lavinia really should feel threatened by Dorina because the girl has talent.

Barbara tells Rita to shut up and assures Lavinia that Dorina is nothing more than a fan, and that people like Dorina are destined only to be kissing Lavinia's feet.

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