Thursday, June 29, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 7.4

Rita and Barbara watch as Lavinia tapes a TV commercial for Diva, a new fragrance.


Rita tells her mother she'd rather avoid the crowd at the Zoni Records launch by waiting outside. She passes the time by practicing her guitar.

Jack joins her, and introduces himself again.

Rita tells him to not waste his time on her because she won't be impressed. She returns to her guitar.

Jack doesn't give up and watches her strum the guitar. He asks if she's playing an A, and offers to teach her a trick that will make it easier to play that chord.

Despite the discouraging look on Rita's face, Jack repositions her fingers on the guitar and asks her to try strumming again.

She sighs, but she strums the guitar anyway, and is surprised when the trick works. She thanks him and asks if he knows a trick for the G chord as well. Jack sits next to her and starts demonstrating while Rita looks on, impressed.

Jack returns to the event to borrow Jay's acoustic guitar.

Back outside, Jack rehearses a song with Rita and compliments her on her guitar skills at the end of the song.

He asks her if she's already in a band. She says no and asks him if he is. Jack says yes, and talks a bit about his skills with the keyboard, bass, and guitar.

When Rita mentions that she'd love to be in a band, he tells her he can probably refer her to people, if she's willing to give him her number. Rita is excited at the possibility and enters her number into his cellphone.

Jack tells her he thought she was a LaCalma talent. Rita says she was just at LaCalma's office to accompany her sister. Jack then asks if she's a guest of the Zoni Records launch. Rita responds again that she's just there to accompany her sister.

Just then, Rita's cellphone rings. She tells Jack that her mother is looking for her, and says her goodbyes. Jack watches her go with a broad smile on his face.


Rita returns to the launch venue in time to see Lavinia tell Nico that he insults her by replacing her with someone so low class.

Nico tells Lavinia to not speak ill of Dorina. He also denies having Dorina as his girlfriend. Lavinia says she doesn't believe him, but that it doesn't matter because he's free to date whoever he wants.

When Lavinia turns to leave, Nico stops her and tells her that she's the one he loves.

Before Lavinia can respond, they are interrupted by Barbara, who indicates that it's time to leave. The women leave.

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