Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 7.2

At the Arguelles home, Barbara proudly informs Lavinia of all her upcoming bookings which include tv hosting gigs, a movie role, and the recording of a new theme song for an upcoming show. Lavinia appears disinterested as she listens and flips through a magazine.

She eventually excuses herself and retreats to her bedroom.

Rita follows her and finds Lavinia crying.

She silently hugs her sister as Lavinia sobs.


As Larry, Lavinia, Libby, and Rita enter the office lobby at La Calma, Larry informs Lavinia that her recording session will be postponed because he fired Zossimo. He tells Lavinia that they'll discuss it further in his office.

Rita appears to be having trouble with her eyes. She tells Lavinia that she'll follow them in a while, and moves to one side of the lobby, where she tries to fix her contact lenses.

Gary and Jack enter and ask the security guard if they can see Zossimo to find out why Dorina's contract didn't push through. They learn that Zossimo is no longer with the company, and the guard is not allowed to give them his contact information.

Just then, Rita, still preoccupied with her lenses, walks past them and bumps into Jack's guitar. They both go down on hands and knees to pick it up.

Jack is smitten and misinterprets Rita's intent when she blinks to fix the position of her contact lens.

Rita apologizes and tries to leave, but Jack stops her and introduces himself.

He winks at her a few times before Rita realizes what he's doing.

When she accuses him of being fresh with her, he is confused and says she's the one who was first winking at him.

Angrily, she explains to him that she was just trying to fix her contact lenses.

She tries to leave but he stops her to apologize and ask for her name. She walks off without answering him, leaving him to stare after her until Gary finally pulls him away.


You can also watch how Jack meets Rita on YouTube.

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