Thursday, June 15, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 5.4

Lavinia is in her bedroom, raw from a recent confrontation with Barbara.

Rita comes in says that their mother is upset. She encourages Lavinia to stand up to Barbara. Lavinia says she did try, but she only got hurt in the process.

Rita asks Lavinia why she just doesn't leave, since she's finally making her own money and her income is stable.

Lavinia is surprised and asks Rita if she'd be able to do that? Just leave their mother? Lavinia says Rita might be able to leave, because she's stronger and gutsier. She asks Rita why she doesn't leave.

Rita says she knows what Barbara is like... and she confesses that she can't just bring herself to leave their mother.

Lavinia says that even if she were to leave, Barbara won't let her go anyway. She would just find Lavinia and drag her back.

Bitterly, Lavinia says Barbara will never let her go, but not because of love. It will be because Barbara knows with Lavinia she'll have a steady income. Rita can only sigh in response.

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