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Carla in Star Studio Mag Aug 2006

Carla Humphries and Pauleen Luna are in the August 2006 issue of Star Studio Magazine in a feature article on best friends.

Photo 1. Taken during a mallshow to promote Qpids at Metropolis Mall in Alabang. "Pareho pa kaming may pimples!" says Pauleen.

Photo 2. Hamming it up for the camera at Pauleen's home.


Write-up by Patty Ramirez and Gay Domingo

"They're my BFFs" "Best friends forever" -- that's what Carla calls them. According to Pauleen, "We've been friends even bago pa kami nag-artista, nagwo-workshop pa lang kami. Magka-jive na talaga kami." What binds them close together? "We both have similar ugalis. Kasing kalog ko siya." she reveals.

Through Thick and Thin. Their friendship is definitely rock solid. "We've been friends for four years and I want to keep her forever. We cry in each other's arms. Wala siyang secret na hindi ko alam. She is my only best friend in show biz," confides Pauleen.

Eating Partner. Pauleen, according to Carla, is very outgoing and strong-willed, pigs out on their favorite chocolates, kropek, and chicharon during sleepovers.

Super Supportive. Even though they work for different networks, their bond transcends competing with each other. "I'm very proud of every little or big accomplishment she's done. It's always been her dream to be in a teleserye, so when she got into Bituing Walang Ningning, sobra kaming happy. Talon kami nang talon. Parang New Year. If she missed watching a TV guesting of mine, ipapa-record niya, or I'd bring a tape to her house and we'd watch it. We'd be our own ciritics." Pauleen adds.

True Test of Friendship. Though Carla doesn't see her friends as much as she wants, she knows that they will always be there for her. "A true friend never changes. Even if you don't see each other for the longest time, when you do it's like you've never been apart." Pauleen also adds, "We always keep in touch. Kung gaano kami ka-close noon, ganun pa rin ngayon."


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