Friday, August 18, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 14.5

Dorina's concert begins. She performs "Felt So Right" to the applause and enjoyment of her audience. Adora, Oman, and Bencho are seated in front. The band accompanies her, with Rita on one of the guitars.

Onstage, Rita notices the empty seat that is reserved for her mother. As Dorina and the band continue to perform, Rita searches the audience for Barbara.


It is after the concert. The male members of the band are in good spirits when Zossimo walks up to them looking worried.

Gary asks him when they will be celebrating. Zossimo tells them the celebration may be postponed.

Apparently, Lavinia has canceled her concert. Jack says that gives them all the more reason to celebrate, because it means they won. Zossimo does not respond to that statement. He merely asks them where Rita is, and learns that she's in the dressing room.

Just then, Rita appears in the hallway with her guitar and asks if any of them have seen Barbara.

She says she can't reach her mother, and that Barbara had been planning to watch their concert. The guys are fall silent, prompting her to ask what's wrong.

Zossimo quietly tells her that Libby called and that Barbara has suffered a stroke. Rita is shocked and doesn't know what to say.


Lavinia leaves Barbara's hospital room. In the hallway, she sees Jack and Rita running in. Rita immediately asks her how Barbara is.

Lavinia goes on the offensive, asking Rita how their concert can be more important, how she could wait until they finished the concert before showing up at the hospital. Rita explains that that she didn't know, that Lavinia didn't call her right away.

She asks Lavinia what she did to Barbara. Lavinia is shocked by the accusation. Rita says she knows Barbara went to see Lavinia, that Barbara had her attack in front of Lavinia's concert venue.

Lavinia lies and says that she never got to see Barbara, that Barbara had her attack before they got a chance to talk.


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