Thursday, August 03, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 12.4

Lavinia hands checks to Rita at the dining table, saying that the money is for paying bills and for grocery shopping. She asks Rita to give the money to Barbara.

Rita hesitantly informs Lavinia that Barbara has not left her room since the night before, and suggests to Lavinia that she go talk to Barbara. Lavinia considers the idea for a moment, but finally says Barbara will come out on her own in due time, when she's hungry.


Lavinia is dressed beautifully in an evening gown waiting in the living room. She calls for Rita, saying that Larry has arrived.

Rita comes out and the two sisters smile in anticipation of the evening ahead. When Lavinia asks if Barbara is ready, Rita tells her that Barbara will not be joining them.

Lavinia takes the news in stride and they leave for the awards night.


At the awards venue, Lavinia is shown to her table, but she says it's too far from the stage. She walks ahead to one of the tables in front until she sees a table reserved for Dorina Pineda.

She takes the reserved sign off the table and tells the usher that she wants to sit at this table. The usher is unable to stop her.


Lavinia and her entourage arrive at the venue of her victory party and the ballroom is empty.

In a fit of rage, Lavinia tears down banners, knocks down food trays, and topples floral arrangements. Rita can only cry as she watches her sister destroy the buffet table.

Lavinia finally starts crying and falls to her knees. Rita and Larry rush to comfort her.

As Larry hugs a weeping Lavinia, Libby and Rita finally leave the ballroom.


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