Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 14.3

Rita is sitting in the living room of Lavinia's home when Lavinia enters. Lavinia asks her what she's doing there.

Rita asks Lavinia to patch things up with Barbara, because she' feels uncomfortable being caught in the middle.

Lavinia scoffs and says Rita lives with Barbara and plays in Dorina's band, so it's obvious she's no longer in the middle -- she's already chosen a side.

Rita tries to explain but Lavinia says it doesn't matter. Even if they all gang up on her, she will still win in the end.

Lavinia turns to go up the stairs, no longer interested in talking. She orders Rita to leave her home and make sure to leave the house keys on the table on her way out.

Rita places the keys on a table and leaves as Lavinia climbs the stairs.


At the condo, Barbara is still angry and asks Rita for ideas for how to further damage Lavinia's image. Rita tries to pacify her, but Barbara says maybe she can reveal to the public what Lavinia has been doing to Dorina.

Rita asks Barbara to stop the conniving, after all Lavinia is still her daughter. Barbara angrily says Lavinia doesn't treat her like a mother, so as far as she's concerned, there's just two of them in the family.

Barbara encourages Rita to continue playing in Dorina's band until they figure out a better way to get back at Lavinia. Rita is unhappy with her inability to bring Lavinia and Barbara together.


Zossimo relays the bad news to the band -- Lavinia's concert is now free and unfortunately, they can't afford to make their own concert free.

Rita says they shouldn't try to do that anyway because Lavinia will accuse them of copying her.

Nico says he's confident that their concert will still be successful, despite this new development.


Dorina and the band continue to rehearse for the upcoming concert.


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