Monday, August 14, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 14.1

Jack visits Rita at their new condo. He apologizes for not visiting earlier and explains that they've been busy preparing for Dorina's concert. He reveals that Jay and Chris are no longer in the band because they've been spying for Larry. He also says they need a guitarist and asks Rita if she'd be interested. Jack says Barbara would probably allow her to join now, since she's no longer mad at him.

Rita reminds him that she no longer has a guitar. He says he's got a spare guitar that he can lend her. Rita says her rejoining the band is complicated, and she doubts that Barbara will give her permission. Unknown to Rita, Barbara has come out of her bedroom in time to overhear the last part of their conversation.

Rita changes the subject and offers Jack something to eat. Barbara walks into the living room to ask what they were talking about. When Rita says it's nothing, Barbara asks if Rita wants to get her permission for something. Jack and Rita exchange worried looks. Jack hesitantly explains that he had invited Rita to play with the band again, assuming it was okay with Barbara. Barbara asks which band -- is it Dorina's? Jack says yes, but starts to say that he would understand if Barbara does not agree.

To their surprise, Barbara says she has no reason to not give her permission. She says this is Rita's dream, so she'll consent. Rita is ecstatic and runs to hug her mother. She doesn't notice the satisfied look on Barbara's face.


Lavinia is at home watching TV and catches one of Dorina's performances on the air. As the camera pans she sees Rita performing on stage as well.


As they leave the studio, Jack compliments Rita on how quickly she learned the piece that they played. She says they've already played it before at the mall, and that their review the night before really helped. Half-kidding, he asks if she'd like them to review it again tonight. She laughs.

As they walk along the studio corridor, they suddenly come face to face with Lavinia, who rushes at Rita and slaps her hard. She accuses Rita of not caring about her feelings, and about what people may say about their family. Crying, Rita tries to explain that she didn't join the band to hurt Lavinia.

Lavinia asks her why she did join the band. Is it for money? Angrily, Lavinia pulls out a wad of cash from her purse and throws it at Rita's face. She says if they need money, they should ask for money from her. She says she's used to supporting Rita and Barbara anyway. Lavinia walks off in anger leaving Rita crying as Jack stands behind her, not sure what to do.


Rita and Barbara are at home, and Barbara is angry that Lavinia dared to say she was supporting them before. Rita tries to placate her and says that Lavinia was merely angry. She tries to suggest that they patch things up with Lavinia. Barbara angrily says no, especially after the way Lavinia has embarrassed them in public. Barbara says Lavinia had better be prepared for her.


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