Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 15.2

In the hospital, Rita reads the 23rd Psalm to an unconscious Barbara, prompting Lavinia to remark that Rita is just wasting her time.

Rita tries to explain that coma patients can sometimes hear. Lavinia tells her that if she's hoping that Barbara will hear and be converted, then she's truly wasting her time.

Just then, Barbara awakens from her coma and moans. Rita excitedly asks Barbara if she's alright.

As Barbara continues to moan, Rita tells her mother she'll go look for a doctor, then runs out of the room.

With difficulty, Barbara raises a hand towards Lavinia, hoping the singer will come near her.

But Lavinia only remarks that the old saying is true -- ang masamang damo mahirap mamatay, before she walks out of the hospital room leaving Barbara alone.


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