Friday, August 25, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 15.5

Jack visits Rita and finds her hard at work doing the laundry. She apologizes for not having enough time to spend with him, and enumerates all the other chores she needs to finish. Jack offers to help, but Rita says it's okay, that the laundry won't take long.

Jack learns from her that Lavinia is out shooting a movie, leaving Rita to take care of things at home since Lavinia has fired the maids.

When Rita mentions she still needs to take care of Barbara, Jack asks her who's taking care of her. Rita almost cries but she manages to pretend that she's fine. She tells Jack she doesn't need someone to take care of her since she's not sick. Jack just quietly watches her. Emotions finally overwhelm Rita and she starts crying. Jack comforts her.


At the Arguelles home, Rita tells Jack over the phone that she can't go with them because no one will be around to take care of Barbara. Lavinia walks into the living room just in time to overhear Rita telling Jack that they should push through even without her because they deserve to celebrate, especially Dorina.

Lavinia asks her what the call is about, if the band is going out drinking. Rita tells her not to worry, she's not going with them. Lavinia puts on an act and urges Rita to go ahead and join the band, and volunteers to take care of Barbara that evening.

Rita is thrilled and gets back on the phone to tell Jack that she can join them after all. She asks where they'll be at and repeats the name of the bar. Lavinia overhears. Rita tells Jack she'll meet them there before hanging up.

Rita thanks Lavinia again for letting her go, and even kisses her sister on the cheek. Lavinia tells Rita to make sure Dorina has a good time. Lavinia says she may be annoyed with Dorina, but she also feels sorry for the girl because she does nothing but work. Rita thanks her again and runs up the stairs to change.


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