Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 15.3

Lavinia puts on a show of fussing over Barbara in the hospital room while a nurse is checking on Barbara. But she drops the act as soon as the nurse leaves the room, and she tells Rita she's going home.

Barbara mumbles from the bed and although it takes several attempts, Rita finally understands that Barbara wants to talk to Lavinia about the night of her stroke. Rita tells Lavinia she thought her sister had not had a chance to talk to their mother.

Rita asks Lavinia what she did to their mother. Lavinia tries to deny any wrongdoing, but Rita says she'll learn the truth anyway so Lavinia might as well admit it. On the spot, Lavinia finally admits that she and her mother argued, but that it was Barbara who started the fight, and she only fought back.

Lavinia reminds Barbara that she's often told them that only the strong survive. She says it's not her fault if Barbara is a lot weaker than she expected.

Lavinia walks out of the room. Barbara keeps mumbling, trying to prevent Lavinia from leaving, but the singer ignores her mother. Rita can only try to comfort Barbara.


The next day, Lavinia looks over the hospital bill and remarks to Rita that the amount owed is getting quite large and asks how they intend to settle the bill. Rita asks her if she has no plans to help. Lavinia feigns surprise and says she thought they were both completely independent now and that they don't need her.

Rita tells her that now is the time for them to be united. Lavinia remarks that they pick a convenient time to befriend her -- when they're in need. Lavinia tells her they might as well tell her that they're interested only in her money.

Rita tells her it's not money that they need, rather it's Lavinia's support and love as a daughter that's needed. Lavinia says Barbara has turned her into stone. And a stone does not love. Lavinia leaves the room, leaving Rita alone to worry while Barbara sleeps.


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