Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 14.2

Barbara is upset and ranting to Rita at home about Lavinia's behavior, promising to give her wayward daughter World War III. Rita asks Barbara about her new talent, Snow White.

Barbara says no one is interested in getting her, and Rita has to supress a smile at that statement.

But Barbara says her lack of success with Snow White is not going to stop her from wrecking Lavinia's career. After all, Barbara knows all of Lavinia's darkest secrets.

She orders Rita to call the Executive Producer of The Buzz and let them know that Barbara wants to be interviewed. Rita looks worried.


Jack is sitting in the living room of the condo when Rita rushes in and urges him to leave because they'll be late for rehearsals.

He asks her to wait first and motions to the couch, and only then does she notice that there's a guitar sitting there.

He tells her it's a gift. She thanks him and tells him he's so sweet and starts opening the guitar case.

She pulls out a beautiful guitar and excitedly asks him how he knew that's the kind of guitar she likes. Jack is happy to see how thrilled she is.

She continues to admire the guitar and at one point flips it over and sees "Jack heart Rita" on the back. She is surprised and at first doesn't know what to say.

Jack tells her he's wanted to tell her for the longest time, but that he didn't know how, so he figured he'd have it printed on the guitar.

When she doesn't say anything, he starts putting away the guitar, thinking that she's not interested. But she stops him and asks if he wants to hear her response.

Jack asks her if he'll like her answer. She turns away to hide the smile on her face and pretends to think about it for a while.

Finally she turns and slowly tells him that she thinks he will like her answer. Jack turns to look at her as the meaning of her words sink in.

Before he can react, she kisses him on the cheek, grabs the guitar and rushes off, saying they'll be late for practice.

In a daze, he follows after her slowly and asks if she can repeat her answer.

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Jack and Rita arrive at rehearsals and Dorina congratulates them. Rita is surprised and behind her Jack waves his hands to stop Dorina from saying more.

Rita realizes that he's already spread the news, and pinches him. Jack feigns innocence.

Rita takes it in stride, and just smiles when Jack says Dorina is just congratulating them for finally arriving at rehearsals.


At Dorina and Lavinia's guesting, Lavinia and Rita come face to face backstage. Lavinia tells Rita she chose the wrong camp. She tells Rita that Barbara was right -- Rita is stupid. Rita is hurt but says nothing. She only looks at Lavinia with watery eyes, until Lavinia walks away.


Dorina and Lavinia have a joint guest appearance and perform a duet of "Dito Ba?"

During their performance, Dorina keeps coughing and has difficulty singing the song. She eventually walks off the stage.

The band tries to comfort Dorina as Lavinia triumphantly finishes the rest of the song with the stage all to herself.

After everyone else has left, Rita lingers for a moment to watch Lavinia as her sister continues to sing, before she finally turns to follow her bandmates.


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