Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 13.3

Rita comes out of her bedroom at the new condo she and Barbara are staying at. She is puzzled because she can hear someone delivering a bad rendition of "Miss Na Miss Kita."

In the living room, she finds Barbara with a stranger, whom Barbara introduces as Whitney Snow, the niece of her former boss and singer Pepita Snow.

Barbara excitedly tells Rita that Whitney is her new talent. She talks about her plans to use the name Snow White as Whitney's stage name, which will be perfect after Whitney goes through some whitening treatments.

Rita pulls Barbara aside and asks if she really thinks Whitney is good enough for Barbara to pin her hopes on, especially since she's not a good singer. Rita suggests that she look for someone else. Barbara says she's actually been thinking of getting someone else to develop -- Rita!

She asks Rita if she's interested, and Rita advises her to focus on Whitney. Barbara accepts the decision, saying it only means that Rita isn't ready yet. Barbara returns to Whitney and continues to give her advice.

Rita watches them for a moment, then turns and leaves.

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