Thursday, August 31, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 16.4

Rita arrives at the door and asks Lavinia what's going on. Still upset, Lavinia says she doesn't know what Rosamia was raving about -- and that Rosamia just kept saying to stay away from Dorina and to stay away from her daughter.

Still confused, Lavinia picks up the tabloid that Rosamia brought with her from the floor. She stares at the photo of Dorina, and finally realizes... Dorina is Rosamia's daughter. She laughs and gleefully says she's got another bullet.

Now inside the foyer, Lavinia is still amazed at the thought that Rosamia could be Dorina's mother. She says it shouldn't have been a surprise to her since they're both losers.

Lavinia calls Oscar and asks him to come to her house because she's got a new scoop for him. After Lavinia hangs up, Rita asks her to leave Dorina alone, to stop messing with her life. She asks Lavinia not to spread that news, since there's obviously a reason they wanted to keep it quiet.

Lavinia says there's no way she'll keep quiet after everything that they've gone through. She says she has lost respect for Dorina and it is difficult to regain that respect. Rita quietly tells Lavinia she should therefore not expect any respect from her either, before leaving to climb up the stairs.

Upstairs, Rita gets on her cellphone and tries to call Dorina. As Dorina answers the phone, Lavinia comes up from behind and snatches Rita's cellphone out of her hand. Rita tries to get the cellphone back, but Lavinia slaps her and calls her a traitor.

Rita tells Lavinia she can't stop her from warning Dorina. Lavinia says she just did. She points out that their land lines have long been disconnected, and warns Rita not to try leaving the house to warn Dorina. Because if she were to do that, Barbara would be left alone with Lavinia, and God only knows what would happen to Barbara then... and it would all be Rita's fault, whatever it is.

Rita tells Lavinia she's a monster. Lavinia brushes off the accusation and says that's nothing new. She already knows she's a monster. After all, it's like mother, like daughter. She says that's why she wouldn't be surprised if Rita were to become a monster as well.

Lavinia makes a show of brushing back Rita's hair and wiping away her sister's tears, before she walks away smiling.


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