Thursday, August 24, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 15.4

In the hospital, Barbara is seated in a wheelchair and Rita is packing up their bags; they are checking out. Lavinia arrives and asks if they're ready to go. She tells them the car is waiting.

Rita tells her not to bother because they'll be taking a cab. Lavinia tells the orderly that she'll take care of wheeling her mother out of the hospital.

After the orderly leaves, Lavinia says sharply to Rita that there's no need to be so melodramatic. They will get in her car and they will go home to Lavinia's house. Rita asks her why bother? Just to put on another show for people? Lavinia smiles with false sweetness and says of course.

She wouldn't want people to think that she has abandoned them since that would be bad for her career. Lavinia smooths back Barbara's hair and tells her mother to smile once they're outside because they're going to have their pictures taken.

Rita is unhappy with Lavinia's latest antics, but she is not able to stop her sister.


Rita, Lavinia, and Barbara arrive at Lavinia's home. Rita pushes the wheelchair into the foyer.

Lavinia tells Rita that she has fired all the maids so they'll have to fend for themselves, then climbs up the stairs leaving her mother and sister in the living room.


At Lavinia's house, Rita is doing her best to feed Barbara, while Lavinia eats her own meal at the other end of the table.

Barbara is not interested in eating, but Rita keeps trying, saying Barbara won't get well if she doesn't eat.

Lavinia cannot stand to watch them and she leaves the table.


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