Friday, June 20, 2008

Carla Seriously Like John James

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Carla Seriously Likes John James... Seriously

YOUNG actress and model Carla Humphries is certainly one of the girls to watch for. She’s beautiful, sexy and possesses the flawless skin that I would die for.

She’s been in a number of soap operas and TV shows on ABS-CBN and has done a number of commercials already. Currently, she’s busy with the afternoon soap opera Ligaw na Bulaklak.

Because of her fame and her looks, a number of boys are attracted to her — and many of them are being linked to her. Carla gives us the real score in this exclusive interview over dinner at the fabulous restaurant Petra and Pilar in Makati.

Tell me about your role in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

Oh, I super love my role! I play the bad girl and I so love it! My role is so evil that I think I would never ever do any of the things my character does to Roxanne (Guinoo)! She hurts her, abuses her! Name it! It’s also a multidimensional role. Besides being the kontrabida, I am in a love triangle with the characters played by Erich Gonzales and Matteo Guideccelli.

Speaking of which, Matteo is one of the boys being linked to you.

(Laughs hard) Matteo is like a little brother to me. He is very young but, surprisingly, he’s not immature. He is very kind and very nice, but we’re like brother and sister, with him being the kid brother of course!

What about Victor Basa? There were reports of you watching the Coverboys concert.

Yes, I was there — but as a friend to support them. I was with other Star Magic artists... you know, girls just having fun and supporting friends who just so happen to have a concert.

Your first show biz boyfriend is Janus del Prado. Is it true that he’s courting you again?

No, that’s not true. I’m just happy and I’m ready to embark on a new journey. My breakup with Janus was not a good one. In fact, I don’t think we’re still that comfortable with each other. We saw each other and I felt that uneasiness. In fact, on one occasion he didn’t even say hi to me.

Do you think you’ll eventually be OK with each other?

I hope so. I have moved on and I hope he has, too.

Speaking of moving on, I heard you’ve moved on to model-actor John James Uy, who was last linked to Ara Mina. Is it true?

We’re just friends.

I heard otherwise....

I’m not denying that we go out on dates. He’s a very good guy and I like him, and I would like to think that he likes me, too.

What makes him special?

He’s very responsible and very respectful to me. He’s also close to his family. What also made me like him even more is he made an effort to know my family and to know me. He really adjusted because he grew up in the States and people don’t court each other there, ’di ba? But now he’s learning and we’re now getting to know each other.

And so far you like what you see?

Yes. (Laughs)

Describe him in three words.

Can it be four? Kind, good-looking and mabait.

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