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This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 03, Monday, Day 011

Precious finds Lea crying as she comes to terms with the realization that Billy has left Boys' Town without saying goodbye. When Precious tells her that she really can't count on men, Lea protests that Billy is different because he loves her.

Precious gently tells her that if that were true, Lea wouldn't still be there.

Precious tears up as she reveals that like Lea, she also wants to leave Girls' Town, because she wants to look for her older sister. But she can't just leave because she doesn't know where her sister is.

Precious assures Lea that by the time she leaves Girls' Town, she'll have forgotten all about Billy. She tells Lea she'll help her get over him. Confused, Lea asks if this means Precious is befriending her. Precious says yes, then holds out her hand. Together, they head back inside.

In the dining hall the next day, Lea tells Precious that her former friends are giving them dagger looks. Precious asks Lea if she's up to the hostility. Lea tells her that she can handle them, especially now that she's no longer alone.

As they get up to leave, the other girls make their move, and a catfight breaks out.

Ms. L punishes the two girls for 'starting' the fight by hosing them down with cold water in the bathroom.

The girls are largely unrepentant as Ms. L wonders out loud why she wastes her time on them. Precious tells Ms. L that she's welcome to leave if she's wasting her time, and that Precious will be happy to organize a despedida party for her. Ms. L responds by aiming the hose at them again.

Just then, Mrs. Reyes arrives and informs Ms. L that the Board of Trustees has arrived and are looking for her.

After Ms. L leaves, the girls giggle as Mrs. Reyes admonishes them for getting into trouble once again. She hands them towels before leading them out of the room.


Three years later (June 2008)

Precious excitedly awakens Lea and reminds her friend that they'll find out today if she can finally leave Girls' Town.

They are hurriedly making their beds when Mrs. Reyes arrives. Lea thanks her for petitioning to be her guardian so she can leave. Mrs. Reyes says Lea should wait until they find out if their application is approved before thanking her.

Much later, Lea, Precious, Mrs. Reyes, and Monching walk out of the foyer of Girls' Town. Lea's petition has been approved and Precious cries as she bids her friend goodbye, prompting Mrs. Reyes to say she shouldn't cry like it's the end of the world.

Mrs. Reyes asks Lea what she intends to do next. Lea is lost in thought for a moment before she tells Mrs. Reyes that she intends to look for her family.

The two friends hug each other one last time before Lea leaves.

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